When considering a home builder, Matt stands out with a quality resume and a proven team that works well together to meet and beat promised deadlines.


The reputation of an
Elite Custom Builder.

New Home Construction

While Matt earned his reputation as an elite custom builder working exclusively for many of Fort Worth’s most influential families, the colossal size of the projects allowed him to work with only one home at a time.

Today, Matt has chosen to focus his attention on projects in a broader range of sizes.


Matt takes personal ownership of each home construction project, realizing that any contractor’s reputation is only as good as their weakest subcontractor. Through the past 25 years, he has recruited and maintained relationships with what he calls “The A Team” – extremely reliable specialists in plumbing, framing, masonry, window work, roofing and beyond.

He grew to miss the constant challenge of new home construction, which allowed him to open his imagination and skillsets to freshen his mind. Just as 10,000 and 15,000 square foot estates were a challenge, Matt also enjoyed working on projects in the 5,000 – 10,000 square foot range.

By managing multiple projects simultaneously, he is able to retain the full attention of his highly skilled subcontractor team rather than see them work for other builders while waiting for his next home. This priority allows Matt to concentrate on project management since he has the experts in their fields at work on a daily basis.


Matt is well known for saying, “A masterpiece can be created in a 5,000 square foot home just as it is in 15,000 square feet. The secret is how to reflect the precise priorities and persona of the homeowners, so that they feel this home is uniquely theirs. At the same time, the home must possess the degree of flexibility that will make it appropriately appealing to future buyers when the time comes to relocate.”

Rather than concentrate on a single style, Matt has applied his talents to a variety of home designs, constructing in Cape Cod, Colonial, Contemporary, Farmhouse, French Provincial, Ranch, Spanish, Tudor and Victorian.


On each occasion, the client has raved about his performance, with a 100% record of completing each project on time and under budget. They stand amazed at how Matt has personalized their home to even the finest details.

He works closely with each client’s architect to identify elements that can provide a higher degree of customization and elegance.