When considering a home builder, Matt stands out with a quality resume and a proven team that works well together to meet and beat promised deadlines.


A fifth-generation Adams...


A Fifth Generation: Matt Adams, born in 1974, inherited the Adams touch for attention to detail, an eye for elegant architecture, and ensuring that each new structure reflects the character of its owners. As a youth, he hung around construction projects all the time and constantly queried his father, grandfather, and master tradesmen.

Some say that Matt gained much of his expertise almost by osmosis, absorbing details by being close to the action on the worksites during the day and studying architectural plans at night.

The dinner table conversation consistently revolved around the challenges and solutions for that day’s work on construction sites.


Matt is passionate about building and creating masterpieces. With a 3D mindset – which he employs as a rendering model for all clients, artistic style and extraordinary eye for detail – Matt has earned the reputation for integrating distinctive elements and designs into each home.

Most importantly, his vast experience has taught him what will and what won’t work. His honesty with clients throughout the process distinguishes him from others. “I won’t make a false promise just to earn a job. The only change in a client’s expectations and fulfillment along the way should be in how I exceed them!”



Matt joined his father Bert’s construction team at age 16 and started his own construction center at age 18. As his father prepared to retire, that construction project opened the door for Matt to launch his own company – Matt Adams Builders – to become hired by a core of Fort Worth’s high-profile families, for whom he constructed new homes, remodeled existing homes and crafted some of the families’ commercial structures.

AGE 24-25

AGE 24-25

At age 24, Matt built an elegant 16,000-square-foot mansion on a bluff, cementing him as the contractor of distinguished residences in the Fort Worth area. The home was distinct because of its:

  • complex cantilever system that required 130 pounds-per-foot steel I-beams
  • stunning panoramic glass view of Carswell Air Force Base
  • swimming pool that flowed from outside to inside the home
  • 5,000-square-foot living room – then the largest in Texas
  • custom chimney that remains one of Matt’s most cherished achievements because of its intricate detail

That home’s demanding specifications led Matt to rent a 240-foot crane for six months, which provided valuable resources that enhanced the quality of construction and showcased his willingness to consider unusual solutions.

The next year, at age 25, Matt began construction on yet another mansion that resulted in a 30,000-square-foot home that was considered to be the most expensive home in all of North Texas. Once again, he engaged the services of the 240-foot crane, this time for a full year.

NDA: Not at liberty to show pictures or but do have a portfolio and have permission to show details.



Matt’s initial home construction projects included:

  • A home remodel on Bellaire Circle
  • A two-story garage on Monticello
  • Design and build of a master bathroom and bedroom addition – his first pier and beam project – with many more to follow
  • Additions and renovations throughout Westover Hills, Forest Park, Park Place, Elizabeth Place, Monticello, Ridglea Hills, Ridglea Country Club Estates, TCU, Tanglewood, Overton Park and surrounding counties
  • Multiple ranches – with homes, barns and offices

His clients adore his attention to fine detail and how well he collaborates with architects and decorators to create the ideal reflection of the homeowners. They respect his appreciation of the finest details of the craftsman.